A new project exploring London’s air pollution solutions.


New technologies being deployed across London
to find out what’s in the air we breathe.


Sensor-equipped Google Street View cars
will sample the air along over 1,000 miles of London roads.


One hundred sensor pods
will provide air quality readings 24/7


What is Breathe London?

Breathe London is combining state-of-the-art technology with new data analytics to provide Londoners with a hyperlocal visual tool showing their exposure to air pollution around the city. Stationary and mobile sensors will measure harmful pollution in tens of thousands of locations. Highly detailed maps will illustrate how factors like traffic, road layout and weather impact local air pollution patterns. This will inform better solutions to clean up our dirty air and foster healthier, stronger communities.


Initial findings from Lambeth and Southwark air quality monitoring released

Last year, Breathe London created a network of 100 state-of-the-art sensors and began driving two specially equipped Google Street View cars through the capital to measure air pollution. While researchers will continue to gather and analyse millions of measurements over the course of 2019, we can begin to share snapshots of the data coming in.

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Our partners

Breathe London brings together some of the UK’s top health and scientific experts with leading technology companies and the seasoned science-driven advocacy experience of Environmental Defense Fund. Together, Breathe London partners have unparalleled expertise in air quality measurement, technology design, atmospheric modelling, and civic engagement. They include Air Monitors Ltd., Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants, Google Earth Outreach, National Physical Laboratory and University of Cambridge.

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