Make your voice heard

Add your voice to ongoing campaigns to address air pollution:

Get involved in your community

Examples of London-based organizations active in fighting air pollution:

British Lung Foundation – Join one of over 200 local “Breathe Easy” support groups across the UK who usually meet monthly.

Clean Air Day – Sign up to get involved and show your support on 20 June 2019:

Friends of the Earth UKOrganise a local group for clean air campaigning.

Clean Air Parent Network –  Network for parents and carers building pressure for action at a national and local level to tackle illegal and harmful levels of air pollution.

I Like Clean Air – Group of parents and children in London fighting air pollution.

Air Pollution Research in London – Network that brings together scientists, policy makers and the wider community to identify areas for research to improve air quality in London, support the development of new scientific research and communicate the latest research findings. They hold regular meetings, generally hosted by the Greater London Authority at City Hall.

Take steps in your daily life

To minimise your exposure to air pollution:

  • airTEXTSign up for free pollution alerts and forecasts.
  • British Lung Foundation – Provides extensive advice on what air pollution is, where it comes from, the types, effects, who is at risk, and what you can do.
  • UK Health Alliance on Climate Change – Offers a guide on air pollution and health: “How bad is it and what can you do?”
  • Global Action PlanAdvice on how to avoid air pollution – cutting down on car journeys, avoiding polluted streets, burning less and burning better, ventilating homes and considering an electric vehicle or car club for your next car.

To reduce pollution:

  • Use and support public transit and active transport.
  • Consider biking, scooting or walking for shorter trips.
  • Promote no idling zones outside sensitive areas like schools, nurseries and senior centers.
  • Consider switching from a diesel vehicle to an electric or lower emission vehicle. Here are some resources to help make that switch.
  • Set up a community carpool to school or work.

Additional resources

Royal College of Physicians – Highlights the scale of the public health impact of air pollution in England.

International Council on Clean Transportation – Outlines the health impacts of air pollution from transportation sources in London.

UNICEF-UK – Found 86% of UK children are breathing dangerous levels of toxic air.

UK100 – Launched the #LoveCleanAir campaign and calls for new legislation and funding to provide power to mayors and local councils.

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