Tips to reduce your exposure whilst cycling

  • 1
    There is evidence that avoiding busy roads as you walk or cycle can reduce the amount of pollution you breathe by up to 70%. The route planner tool on this site can help you choose low pollution routes.
  • 2
    Wearing a mask while cycling can filter out some of the larger pollution particles in the air, but they must be close fitting and not cause undue difficulty while breathing.
  • 3
    Using your bike for short journeys and leaving your car at home will benefit in three ways - increased exercise, reduced pollution exposure [you can be exposed to more pollution when travelling inside a vehicle than you would be walking or cycling on the same road] and you will reduce your pollution emissions.
  • 4
    If possible, avoid cycling during the busiest times of day, particularly the morning rush hour when pollution levels tend to be highest. Use the pollution forecast tool on this website to check whether a pollution episode is in progress.
  • 5
    Avoid stopping and waiting behind lorries and other large diesel vehicles while at junctions or in queuing traffic.